Livestock Feed & Pet Food


We are YOUR WestFeeds and QLF Dealer in NE Wyoming!!



Salt - Blocks (white, iodized, colbalt Hi-boot Eddi, trace mineral)

    loose salt (same as above plus mixing salt)

    softner salt

Shell corn

Cracked corn



Lic tubs - cattle

    Hog - TVAG Hog Grower (bag or bulk)

         ***Top pen of 5 at Wyoming State Fair 2011 ate it!

TVAS steer mix

TVAS 50/50 blend

Specialized weaning rations or medicated feed

Calf creep

Poultry layer

Hen scratch

Chicken starter/grower

Dog food

Puppy food

Cat food

Bird Feed - Sunflower seeds

    Wild bird feed (bags & blocks)

. . .

Bulk feed - all kinds - delivered to your Ranch (a full or partial load)

    from WestFeeds out of Billings, MT


Most feed available in

      50 lb bags or

      totes or 

      bulk delivery (full load or partial)

           Call 307-467-5255 for more info on our feed